Q1) What specifically do you bring to the table with regards to negotiations and grievances in the educational setting?

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Q2) I would describe myself as a member who has often been disappointed by the decision making of our association executives, especially release officers, on important issues in recent years. I hope that our future executive group will be one that works to regain my trust, and I believe that the first step towards accomplishing this is to increase transparency on association decision making. At least year’s UAGM, a motion to increase transparency was denied, in large part due to the opposition of a number of members who also seek candidacy tonight. Another version of this motion has been put on this year’s agenda (By Laws – Motion 10). I ask that candidates please state their views both on enhanced association transparency in general, as well as on whether or not they would support this specific motion (at whatever time we reconvene to vote on motions).

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Q3) In November, my administrator sent me a disciplinary email, specifically while they were in attendance at a Joint meeting at our TSU office. Do release officers consult with principals about disciplining teachers?

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President’s Report – Question 1: I wanted to ask a question about the website. I wanted to get your reassurance, Gillian, that the website was secure for voting because back in November I went into the website and I used the tools that it had. It allowed me to download the entire memberships lists and spreadsheet on a .csv file so I have the entire memberships’ listing because it was completely open. I was also able to add members to the website and one of the members is still there, named Spongebob. Given that all these tools are open, how can you guarantee the safety of the website?

President’s Report – Question 2: This platform, Union Securities, is a one way communication? I was able to email other members on it. We are paying $39 000 for one-way communication – seems a bit extravagant. Can you please comment on that, why it is so expensive, and why it’s a one-way communication – what was the intent?

President’s Report – Question 3: First off, I would like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve done and wish you the best on your next endeavors. On an executive we have 12 members and they have to be able to work as a team and when an executive makes a decision they have to be connected and hold that decision as a group. How do you see that happening from here, how do you project that going forward?

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Treasurer Report – Question 1: Since we experienced a strike this year the release officers were supposed to donate their salaries back to the unit. Where is this reflected in your financial statement?