Leadership opportunities

Professional Leadership  Development Opportunities

Please note you will be forwarded to www.oecta.on.ca on some of the links where you will find more information on leadership.

Beginning Teachers Conference (Feb. each year)

          Thank you for the overwhelming interest in the conference. We would like to thank the TCDSB for its partnership in supporting delegates by providing OT coverage for this excellent PD.  (Be sure to watch for details each September )

OECTA Leadership Training

Congratulations to alll the introductory level and specialization level candidates selected for this year. If you are interested in this leadership development as part of your professional development, check the provincial website link at the top for details to apply for next year. We continue to get great interest from many good candidates and we are very pleased to have so many involved in leadership capacity development at this level.

OECTA Experience is recognized leadership development in the TCDSB.

Get involved: TSU PD workshops, AGM delegate, committees, staff representative, executive,....

Start your leadership development: local committees, association representative or assistant, Joint committees, provincial committees, Executive, PD workshops and more... - OECTA provides a great deal of Professional and Leadership development opportunity.