Benefits booklet                       Notable benefit changes for 08-12 CA

Sick Days/Leave and UPB - what now? 2013-14 update

Benefits Enhancements Took Effect (June 2011)

Benefits enhancements were due as part of the 2008-2012 Collective Agreement and Provincial Dialogue Table Agreement. The PDT allocated a specific amount of money that we worked hard to ensure best met the interests of members through the surveys done for bargaining. The bargaining took a great deal of effort so we could ensure we left nothing on the table and the TCDSB could ensure it stayed within the financial parameters. An agreement has been signed and this is good news - benefits take effect immediately.

Brief Summary: 

  • Increase to $350/24 months for eyewear (amount can now be used for laser eye surgery)
  • Great West Life Semi- Private Plan and the Extended Health Plan deductibles of $10 and $20 shall be eliminated.
  • Registered massage and physiotherapy services: the annual aggregate will be increased to $750; services under this section are now expanded to include the services of a registered: acupuncturist, audiologist, podiatrist/chiropodist, naturopath, osteopath, and dietician.
  • Chiropractic services increased to $35 per visit to a yearly maximum of $350 per person.
  • ODA update/adjustment (1 year lag on ODA rates)
  • Added family coverage available for tragic circumstances: In the event of the death of a teacher covered by this collective agreement, the family of the deceased teacher shall be entitled to a continuation of coverage for those health and dental benefits as provided for by the collective agreement for a period of six (6) months following the death of the teacher.

Further changes were made to the Collective Agreement in Bargaining in December 2012

UPB Update 2013 

If you have questions on benefits please contact the TSU office.  416-633-5502

The Great West Life benefits information is available at this link.