If I get hurt at school, what should I do?

When Injury Occurs

  • Immediately report the accident/injury to your administration- no matter how trivial it may seem at the time.
  • An administrator must fill out an "Accident Investigation Report" form (internal TCDSB form) with your assistance. Ask for a copy (another copy will be sent to the Board).
  • If your injury was caused by unsafe/hazardous conditions at your school, (like icy parking lot, objects falling on you) you have to fill out a "Hazard Report" form (internal TCDSB Health and Safety form). This way, the cause of your injury is properly documented. Ask your Staff Rep for any assistance if necessary and send a copy of the form to TSU office so that they can contact the Health and Safety officer to do an investigation.
  • If your injury was caused by a violent incident (you were assaulted) you must fill out the “Safe Schools Incident Report” form and call the TSU office. You may also need to contact the police. Your Principal has to fill out a “Violent Incident” form. Violence or threat of potential violence also requires a “Hazard Report” form to be filled out.
  • Keep written notes. Write down a detailed description of your accident. Get statements from witnesses. This is important especially if you need to file a WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) claim.


Seeking Medical Attention

  • Immediately following the accident (or as soon as possible) seek medical attention as necessary; at your Doctor's office, a walk-in clinic or a hospital, so you have medical proof of your injury.
  • Important! A slip and fall, for example, may just leave you feeling rattled to begin with, but if there is subsequent back trouble or other issues arising from your injury and you did not report the injury to a medical practitioner, you will have a very difficult time claiming WSIB.
  • If you had to seek medical assistance for your workplace injury, your doctor will have to fill out a WSIB Form 8 and report your injury to WSIB (this is how many WSIB claims are initiated). Make sure you provide your doctor with detailed information regarding your injury- most WSIB claims are denied because of insufficient medical information.


WSIB Claims

Role of the Board

  • The TCDSB HR department will report your injury to WSIB by filling out WSIB Form 7. They are required to provide you with a copy. Make sure you read it carefully and if you find any discrepancies ask HR to make the necessary changes.
  • An employee from HR will call you to discuss the details of your accident in order to fill out Form 7. Be helpful, but careful with the information you provide as this person is not your advocate! All your medical notes are to be sent to WSIB only- do not provide the TCDSB with any medical notes.     


Your Role

  • If you must take time off work as a result of your injury and/or have to seek professional medical assistance you are required to report the injury to the WSIB. You will do this by filling out WSIB Form 6  after you receive your copy of Form 7 (within 72 hours of the incident) from the Board.
  • Do not use your sick days. Use code # 50 (WSIB) to report all your absences whether you are staying home, visiting a doctor or a physiotherapist. 
  • Take your time and be careful when filling out Form 6. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance if you are having trouble describing the incident. Describe your accident in as much detail as possible, use extra pages if necessary. This is important for a problem-free WSIB claim (Form 6 should be filled out within a reasonable time after the accident, but no later than 6 months).
  • For detailed instructions on how to fill out Form 6, visit:
  • Send WSIB Form 6 to WSIB (you can do this electronically or by mail) and provide a copy of WSIB Form 6 to the HR department at the TCDSB.
  • Continue to keep written notes on everything related to your WSIB case. Document any phone conversations with HR and WSIB, visits to a doctor etc.

This is important especially in case your WSIB claim is denied.


For any additional help, information or advice call the TSU office: 416-633-5502.