Collective Bargaining 2014-2017

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Bulletin #1

In April 2014, Bill 122, the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, 2014 was passed, ushering in a new era in collective bargaining in Ontario.  We now have a two-tiered bargaining process comprised of provincial and local levels. 

Provincially, the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association (OCSTA) make up the employer side of the negotiation table.  The parties at the central table will determine the scope of central bargaining. Anything not bargained centrally can be bargained locally. 

There are eighteen (18) items that the parties have agreed to bargain at the Provincial table:

  • All matters relating to monetary compensation.
  • All matters relating to Pregnancy/Parental Leave including Maternity Leave/SEB plans.
  • All matters relating to WSIB top up.
  • All matters relating to Benefits.
  • All matters relating to Hiring Practice including the July 5, 2012 MoU and Regulation 274.
  • All matters relating to a Voluntary Leave of Absence program (VLAP).
  • All matters relating to paid leaves.
  • Teacher working conditions and workload as they relate to the following:

- Supervision and on-calls;
- class structure;
- assessment and reporting;
- professional and staff development;
- prep and planning time provisions;
- board-level staff advisory committees.

  • All matters relating to teacher professional judgment.
  • Protection of teacher bargaining unit work.
  • All matters relating to Ministry of Education Initiatives and the implementation thereof.
  • All matters relating to the creation of a central issues dispute resolution and grievance process and the role of the Crown therein.
  • All matters relating to the length of term, notice to bargain and renewal.
  • The structure and organization of collective agreements.
  • All matters relating to how to incorporate into the collective agreement the content/language of the July 5, 2012 MoU as modified by the May 16, 2013 MoU update, unless excluded, modified or added to during these negotiations for a central agreement.
  • Return to teacher bargaining unit of Principals and Vice-principals.
  • System Principals.
  • All matters relating to information requests relating to all issues identified above.

There are five (5) items currently in dispute as to whether they will be bargained at the Provincial table.  They have been referred to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB).  The OLRB will determine whether these matters will be bargained provincially or locally.  These items are:

  • All matters relating to sick leave (the employer insists on excluding attendance management programs);
  • Seniority as the basis for all teacher transfers;
  • Teacher working conditions and workload as they relate to Individual Education Plans (IEPs);
  • All matters relating to health and safety issues; and
  • All matters relating to staffing provisions.


APRIL 09, 2014
School Boards Collective Bargaining Act receives royal assent

JUNE 30, 2014
OECTA issues Notice of Bargaining with MOE & OCSTA

AUG 31, 2014
All teacher collective agreements in Ontario expire

SEPT 05, 2014
OECTA has initial meeting with MOE & OCSTA to set ground
rules for Provincial bargaining

SEPT 23-24, 2014
Provincial bargaining ground rules are established
Starting point for Provincial bargaining is established

OCT 22-24, 2014
Items to be bargained at the Provincial level are established
Items not agreed upon to be bargained at the Provincial level are referred to OLRB

NOV 25, 2014
OLRB preliminary meeting
Submission of positions/briefs set for DEC 15, 2014
Responses to positions/briefs set for DEC 19, 2014
OLRB Hearing dates set for JAN 9 & 19, 2015

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