Collective Agreement (CA)

Collective Agreement (CA 2014-2017)

The "Collective Agreement" is an agreement made in good faith between the TCDSB and TSU-OECTA. It is a document that defines the rights of members in their relationships with the Board. We all, administration included, share a duty to uphold this agreement. It is a living document that continues to be refined and updated through bargaining. Our current agreement was developed under a Provincial Dialogue Table (PDT) framework. The Collective Agreement is in effect until 2012.

CA Extension agreement 2017-2018

2014-2017 TSU/TCDSB Collective Agreement

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SECONDARY SCHOOL TIMELINES (2016 – Revised for new CA)

MOL Forms (Appeal)

MoU Illness UPB and Leave memo 

Professional Judgement MoU Jt TECT/TSU/TCDSB

Collective Agreement related documents



PDT Agreement May 6 memo

Prov OECTA Preg and Par Leave Pamphlet 05

Understanding Your Contract - TSU OECTA ANNUAL IN SERVICE 2009

Cdn Human Rights Return To Work guide

The Local Collective Bargaining Committee - LCBC (and Research Committee) are open to applications from all members and members may provide information or suggestions to them for improvements to the Collective Agreement.