2018 UAGM Speeches / Q & A

Presidential Speeches:

Antonella DiCarlo

Gillian Vivona

Q & A

Q1: Name one positive change that you brought to TSU this year and describe how that change will have long lasting affects for the membership.

Q2: You mentioned at the beginning of your speech that issues were ignored or dismissed and while I’m surprised to hear this for the first time tonight rather than having had them brought to the Executive previously, you didn’t identify these issues. Can you please let us know what those issues were?

Q3: Besides teaching, you run a very successful real estate business. What are your plans with the real estate while being president?

Q4: Has the president ever been invited to reprimand members on behalf of a school administration?

Q5: A school administrator relies heavily on TSU for advice about administrative matters. Would you refer them back to their own managerial model (or HR or superintendent) for help?

Q6: The bylaws state that we are supposed to have a Reserve Fund. Why is there no money in the reserve fund? How is it being used?

Q7: Change is fast and at times a lot is said at board meetings that the president needs to be made aware of. For this academic year, how many board meetings have you attended or viewed and which item has resonated the most with you?

Q8: As an Adult/Over 21 teacher we would like our positions to be permanent with equal salary and seniority for the time we have spent in the Over 21 program. We realize the funding from the Ministry is different, however a salary top up would only be for 11 people! My question for you both is: What have you done and what are you going to do to advocate for the over 21 teachers?

Q9: The original referendum proposal for Wynford cited accessibility as the main reason for the purchase of the building. Would you describe the Wynford building as fully accessible for a differently-abled person using a personal vehicle with a lift or wheelchair?

Q10: Why are we currently paying for two office buildings. Why was the Wilson not sold to cover renovation costs for the Wynford building?

Q11: In your flyer you make reference to the “inner circle”. What exactly is that?

Q12: How does Rene Jansen in de Wal’s position get paid?

Q13: I’m asking a question that deals with the health and safety of TSU members. How will you deal with the conflict between CUPE staff and TSU members?

Q14: What is the financial mechanism for the EI envelope charged back to OECTA?


President's Report

Gillian Vivona

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Gillian Vivona


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Joseph D'Addario

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